How do I create a post? How do I create a post?

How do I create a post?

When you create a post, you have a rich selection of options to express yourself besides just using plain text. In addition to posting text, you can:

  • Share Dual-Camera MeWe's
  • Share Photos
  • Share Videos
  • Create Polls
  • Leave Voice Messages
  • Add GIFs
  • Share Files/Documents
  • Add Emojis (2,800+ emojis are free + custom emojis are available for purchase)
  • Add Stickers (40 stickers are free + custom stickers are available for purchase)
  • Mention your MeWe contacts (do this by using the “@” symbol in your post and then typing their name - they will then receive a notification) 
  • Format your text using bold, italics, or strikethrough

Each post you make will be displayed on your profile timeline in chronological order. You have the option to create Private Posts, visible to your default My Followers and Favorites – a select list of followers. Additionally, Open Posts can be viewed by anyone on MeWe.

You can also toggle the option to allow comments on your posts.