How can MeWe be free and make money? How can MeWe be free and make money?

How can MeWe be free and make money?

MeWe is "free forever" because privacy is not something anyone should ever have to pay for. All the great features that people love in social media and none of the BS are free and standard on MeWe including: newsfeeds for your contacts and Close Friends; private 1:1 and group chats; private and open groups; following pages; disappearing content; Stories; custom camera with GIF creation; next-gen voice messaging; personal cloud storage; custom group profiles; 2,800+ emojis; MeWe's exclusive dual-camera; and much more.

In addition, there are optional enhancements including extra storage (8GB is free = over 16,000 photos and 50GB is $3.99 per month); live voice and live video calling ($1.99 per month); custom emojis and custom stickers ($0.99 cents and up per pack); MeWe Pages ($1.99 per month); Dark Mode and other overlays ($1.99 and up); exclusive MeWe Journals ($1.99 per month); and a lot more fun stuff coming soon. Members can also upgrade to MeWe Premium to get a bundle of all the best premium features for just $4.99 per month.

Revenue Supercharger: In a departure from traditional "consumer-only" social media companies like SNAP and Twitter, MeWe has a sister division, MeWePRO ( for business customers. Separately available on iOS, Android, and desktop, MeWePRO directly competes with SLACK, offering an exceptional suite of fully integrated collaboration tools and security while eliminating the bottlenecks and performance impediments of internal email.

MeWePRO supercharges communication and collaboration between employees inside any organization or project, and costs less than $75 per year per employee. MeWePRO is free for non-profits and educational organizations.

Bottom Line: It is a false myth that our data is what we have to give up to have a great social media experience. At MeWe our members are customers to serve, not data or products to sell or target. That’s why we use the covered eye image and the hashtag #Not4Sale!