Comments, emojis and replies Comments, emojis and replies

Comments, emojis and replies


When a member, group or page creates a post, you have the option to comment on that post. When leaving a comment on someone’s post, you can use any of MeWe's many posting features, except for creating a poll. You can now toggle "Allow post comments" before publishing your post. 


In addition, you can use emojis to respond to a post. When a post is created, a total of 4 different emojis can be used to respond to it. These can consist of any of the thousands of free and custom emojis on MeWe, but after 4 different emojis have been used, these are the only 4 types of emojis that can be added to that post. You will see the totals of how many of each emoji has been added to each post.


When someone comments on a post, you can then reply to their comment. You can reply to a comment using emojis, or using any of the features available for comments, except for sharing.