Journals let you save, sort, and organize your favorite stories and keep them visible on your profile.

Journals allow you to:

  • Organize and aggregate your favorite stories into Journals on your profile
  • Sort stories by friend or family member, topic, timeline, or anyway you’d like
  • Choose to make each Journal visible to only yourself; your contacts; close friends; or open to anyone on MeWe
  • Create up to 500 Journals, and each Journal can contain up to 1,000 Stories

MeWe Journals can be created and edited on MeWe’s mobile app (available on iOS and Android), and then can be viewed on both mobile and desktop. On mobile, Journals that other members have created are visible at the top of their profile, below their profile photo. On desktop, Journals that members have created are visible in the top right panel of their profile.

Journals are included with MeWe Premium ($4.99 per month) or can be purchased a-la-carte in the MeWe Store for $1.99 per month. MeWe members given view access by a Journal creator can see that member’s Journal without subscribing.