MeWe's (Dual-Camera) MeWe's (Dual-Camera)

MeWe's (Dual-Camera)


MeWe is the first social network that lets you create dual-camera videos (called “MeWe’s”). Simultaneously film and share videos using your iPhone's front-facing ("selfie") and backfacing cameras.

With MeWe's, your phone is recording you talking ("Me"), and what you're talking about at the same time ("We") – creating a unique double-view video.

Dual-Camera MeWe features:

• Seamlessly flip and swap your front-facing ("Me") and back-facing ("We") camera screens

• Move your "Me" screen anywhere you want on your "We" screen

• Move your "Me" screen off and on your "We" screen

• Enhance your MeWe’s by adding emojis, stickers, doodles and text


MeWe's can be created with iPhone XR or newer iPhones, and viewed on all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop).